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Ever wondered why you feel so alive when standing near a waterfall, or strolling along a beautiful beach? These natural environments produce negative ions, scientifically proven to boost feelings of wellbeing and vitality.

Negative ions also help neutralise the excess of unhealthy positive ions – created in city environments by exhaust fumes, pollution, electrical equipment, computers, etc – which can create feelings of illness, fatigue or depression.

Vital-ion has co-developed a natural negative ion-producing catalyst (Patent No. I264326) incorporating germanium and tourmaline crystals combined with other naturally occurring gemstone minerals.

Every Vital-ion product delivers this permanent life-enhancing stream, at concentrations unmatched by any other commercially available product, replicating levels seen in nature.

Experience the natural healing power of these minerals and bathe yourself in the soothing and revitalizing effects of healthy negative ions produced by Vital-ion necklaces and bracelets. Helping you to feel great and to perform at your best, in your home or workplace.

Enjoy the Vital-ion feeling!